Lost and found albums

Lost and found albums

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Libel claims made against Britney Spears

Singer Britney Spear is facing a lawsuit over alleged libel, it has emerged. Her former manager, Sam Lufti, is taking legal action against the recording artist and her parents, Jaime and Lynne. He accuses them of defamation, libel and battery. The claims made in his lawsuit relate to a new book by Lynne entitled Through the Storm. Mr Lufti says that, since the book was published, he has been subjected to unfathomable amounts of ridicule and public scorn. The claim was filed last week and centres on the argument that the Spears family began a campaign of slander, libel and defamation aimed at discrediting, destroying and physically and emotionally intimidating Lutfi in order to drive him out of Britneys life. He alleges that the book is filled with false statements about him.

Ashton Kutcher lists Beverly Hills bachelor pad for $3.7 million

For just a twitter of a moment, it appeared that Ashton Kutcher was selling his Beverly Hills residence after a very public Internet tirade earlier this month over the construction going on next door. Nuh-uh. The house he is selling, which is in fact now in escrow, is where Kutcher used to live before marrying actress Demi Moore in 2005. It is also in Beverly Hills, which added to the confusion. Listing price: $3.7 million.